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Brand Essence

Did this ever happen to you?

We open a bottle of jasmine perfume, we walk into a pine forest,

or feel the scent of orange blossom blowing in the breeze, and suddenly,

we find our minds drifting back to a given moment in our lives,

or a special experience.

We feel the same sensations, we hear the same voices, we’re ‘there’ again.

That’s the power of scent and smell.

It can awaken emotions in us,

activate senses, and remind us

of important occasions.


People remember only 5% of what they see, but remember 35% of what they smell.


How does it work?

Your Brand Essence is as unique as You and Your Business.


A 90 minutes consultation, life or online, so we can discuss and understand your brand and clients.


We decide the best package for you and create Your Brand Essence and complimenting products.


Your Brand Essence Package is delivered to You.

Your Brand Essence

will help you

connect with your clients

on the long run.

The Brand Essence

Development Packages


€ 1,029

Tax excl

Brand Essence Workbook

 Brand Essence Perfume 

 Brand Essence ID Card

Gift Packaging


€ 1,129

Tax excl

Brand Essence Workbook

 Brand Essence Perfume 

 Brand Essence ID Card

Gift Packaging

10 Brand Scented Freebies (€ 100)


€ 1,249

Tax excl

Brand Essence Workbook

 Brand Essence Perfume 

 Brand Essence ID Card

Gift Packaging

10 Brand Scented Freebies (€ 100)

Perfume Pendant with necklace

Mini Diffuser 


€ 2,349

Tax excl

Brand Essence Workbook

 Brand Essence Perfume 

 Brand Essence ID Card

Gift Packaging

10 Brand Scented Freebies (€ 100)

Perfume Pendant with necklace

Mini Diffuser 

Brand Essence Recipe

Product Launch Plan

Every unique Brand Essence is made out of 100% therapeutic grade essentials oils and is presented in an exclusive 5ml crystal bottle.

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I created the Brand Essence

to empower coaches like YOU

to connect with their clients

and create everlasting soul connections.

The benefits of coaching don’t have to stop at the end of each session.

I work closely with coaches to establish a suitable essence for their business and clients.

That essence can be used in every coaching session to create a memory.

Some coaches also choose to give it to clients, so that every time they use this essence, the scent takes them back to the coach, and the benefits of their training or therapy.

Satisfied Brand Essence Customers


“Our Brand Essence is an extra feature in our classrooms, where the special combination of essential oils support our students’ personal development. They get energized and focused on our lessons thanks to the Brand Essence.

Our students tell their friends: Our English class is special because you can smell knowledge.”

–  Zsuzsanna, owner at Cool Club


“We developed the SophroScent Brand Essence to support my clients with burn-out and depression problems. My clients use the scented hand cream as part of their therapy. They not only benefit from the exercise, but are also reminded of my coaching sessions in an unconscious way.”

– Laurence , health coach and owner at Sophrosan


“Rita carefully guided me in exploring various aspects of the brand and even challenged me to think not about my needs as the organizer but of the clients’ needs. People came out of the event feeling enveloped with such warmth and acknowledgement, partly because of the experience that the Brand Essence gave.”

– Lana, organizer of HUG Compassion Conference”

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Brand Essence for?

The Brand Essence is for all coaches who wish to establish a deeper connection with their clients.
By associating the essence with the sessions, it helps clients through their therapeutic and healing process.
It is also beneficial in bringing clients to a specific mental or emotional state (eg.: focus) that is required in sessions or training’s.


How does it work?

Scent and emotion are extremely connected. By activating someone’s scent we’re activating their memory too. Clients can therefore use the Brand Essence to return to a specific state of mind, or memory, thus aiding them in the healing process.
Some coaches use the essence in their sessions to establish the moment with their clients. While others, also prefer to distribute the essence among their clients to set up a long lasting connection that goes beyond the practice’s doors.


How do you create my essence?

We create the essence together in 3 steps. We first have an intake interview so that I can understand your business, brand, target-group, and your clients’ pains. With this information we’ll decide on what kind of package suits you best, and we will create an unique essence that matches your brand, but also your clients’ needs.
Once the essence is ready we’ll have a feedback session to determine whether it’s the right essence for your brand and clients. We make final adjustments and then it’s all about making that connection happen. On the Brand Essence ID card we list all relevant information regarding the healing benefits of the used essential oils. It also includes the ultimate message of the Brand Essence we created, which can be used for further marketing and communication by your brand.
For more information on the packages available, click here (LINK TO PACKAGES)


Is the Brand Essence only a perfume or can I get other products?

The Brand Essence comes in a variety of organic, natural products, such like : liquid or cream perfume, diffuser oil, hand-cream, liquid soap, scented letter spray, massage oil, body spray, candles, reed oil and atomizer spray.


What is a Brand Essence ID Card?

Your Brand Essence ID card contains your ultimate Brand Essence message and the power of your Brand Essence by the type of the used essential oils. You share your Brand Essence ID card together with your brand scented freebies. It is your unique way to connect with your tribe.